Fujifilm Wunderbar Red Canvas Bars 12" (12)


Product Code: FP10PWBR12AA

Made from high quality Scandinavian Pine


Wunderbars are an exciting new concept in canvas stretching where the stretcher bars do the stretching and keep constant tension after the stretch. A stretched canvas can be completed in minutes with little knowledge or technique. Perfect for any business that stretches canvas or photographer looking to add another dimension to their packages. No more having to pay expensive fees sending your images to third parties to supply you with your canvases. Increase your profit!!

Made from high quality Scandinavian Pine all Wunderbars constant tension stretcher bars are machined so that the spring block just slots right into the bar, this makes the bars automatically square when you put them together.
With the Wunderbar there's no need for you to hammer the bars together or measure the squareness, as you would traditional stretcher bars, they just slot into place.
Because of the way the spring blocks work there is no need for any expensive or professional equipment to stretch the canvas. All you need is a decent stapler and your hand. So no need for highly trained or experienced people to stretch the canvas either!!

How Does It Work?

You just staple the canvas as you would do normally, but only using your hands to pull it. You don't need to pull hard, just enough so you can staple the canvas to the frame in position. When the pins are pulled the bars do all the stretching work for you.
Remove all 4 pins and your canvas is stretched. Simple as that. Theres no pliers, machinery or skill involved. If you include the frame squaring along with the stretching, it only takes a few minutes to stretch an entire canvas...giving those big bits of machinery a run for their money!

No matter where you hang it, in the heat or the cold, the canvas will always maintain its tension because of the spring block inside.
So there's no more hammering wedges or keys or returns from your customers for sagging canvas. Its just constant tension and a professional finish to your stretched artwork.

Size of bars: 12"
Pack Quantity: 12

Additional Information

Product Code FP10PWBR12AA
Manufacturer Fujifilm