Benro Bags

We are an official UK Benro bags stockist and have selected the best and most popular backpacks, shoulder bags and roller cases from their lineup to offer our clientele of professional photographers. Proven in the field and on long trips to very camera-unfriendly places, these bags are extremely tough, reliable and well designed.

BENRO Cool Walker

The Cool Walker Series from Benro is designed for travel and active sports, and its extraordinary appearance distinguishes it from traditional style bags. There is plenty of space in the backpacks for your DSLR, lenses, tripod, memory card, batteries and other accessories. It is also gives a very comfortable fit to your back, the full range includes backpacks, shoulder bags and zoom bags.

BENRO Pioneer

The Benro Professional Pioneer Trolley Case is available in 2 sizes and has been specially designed with commercial photographers in mind, whose schedule relies heavily on travelling with a full kit. The Pioneer 1000 has been awarded 5 Stars by Amateur Photographer, to see the full write up please refer to issue date 16 March 2013. For maximum versatility, the Pioneer Trolley Case can also turn into a backpack when needed by simply utilising the hidden shoulder straps found on the back compartment of the trolley. A briefcase can also be attached securely to the trolley using fastenings provided.

BENRO Hummer

Specially designed to meet the needs of the outdoor photographer, the Benro Hummer series of backpacks teams beautiful design with supreme weight distribution. The ergonomic harness system is designed for maximum ventilation to achieve the highest level of comfort and reduce uneven, heavy loading, elimination the risk of backache and potential damage to camera gear. Hummer Backpacks are available in 2 sizes, and are manufactured from Nylon grid cloth. Its sophisticated design means that photographers are able to store maximum components into one compact backpack.

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